Parking problems

of car on the roads are looking for a parking space
of traffic jams are caused by cars looking for a parking space
the main reason for city centre depopulation
million hours lost each year
million lost due to parking payment fraud
of the average parking payment rate

Smart Parking concept

Mapping parking in real-time

Connected parking – also known as smart parking – is the ability to map parking spaces in real time, whether on the streets or in indoor or outdoor car parks.  The objective is to create new digital services for car drivers, local authorities, private car park managers, customers… The ParkingMap concept improves local access and provides total control over the car park.

Smart Parking goals

Keep traffic moving

by optimising the parking zone

Understand car park occupancy

through precise analysis

Provide real-time information

by guiding users to available spaces


by promoting specific zones

Make inspection easier

by detecting fraud

Change behaviour

by fostering and encouraging a modal shift