Parking is currently a major issue in large cities. Whilst mobility policy promotes car alternatives and tends to reduce on-street parking, a high-quality digital service must be offered to reduce the levels of rat-run traffic looking for a space. Surface car parks must be connected to locate available spaces. ParkingMap aims to revolutionise parking in the largest cities with its ParkingMapBox project! ParkingMapBox is a community and cooperative project which calls upon local residents to install our sensors on their windowsill in order to map parking below.

Détails du projet

  • Client : Marie du Neuf Paris
  • Année : 2017
  • Nombre de places connectées : 150
  • Technologie : Image-analysis sensor


Project : ParkingMap Box - Connected straight-line parking
  •  10 sensors deployed
  • 150 connected spaces
The main objectives are :
  • To keep traffic moving and reduce pollution caused by traffic looking for parking spaces
  • To save time and improve local access