The objective of the project was to improve user access to the Orleans railway station whilst making it easier for local traffic wardens to monitor parking in the zone.

Détails du projet

  • Client : Orleans city
  • Année : 2017
  • Nombre de places connectées : 150
  • Technologie : Image-analysis sensor


Project : Connected railway station district
  • 7  sensors deployed to connect 335 metres of straight-line parking, i.e. around 67 spaces - blue zone regulation - Emile Zola street
  • 3 sensors deployed to connect 22 diagonal spaces - blue zone regulation - Albert 1er street
  • 2 sensors deployed to connect 11 diagonal spaces - drop-off zone regulation - avenue of Paris
  • 3 sensors deployed to connect 60 metres of street - parking obstruction - avenue of Paris
  • A dozen personnel trained
The main objectives are :
  • To improve user access and parking around the Orleans railway station
  • To improve detection of vehicles committing parking offences for municipal police officers in a remote and therefore less frequently monitored zone
  • To eradicate illegal parking in the railway area
  • To promote underused parking zones
  • To provide a solution to accurately assess parking-related problems in the railway station district for the local parking and mobility department