The objective of the SIMUT project, notably backed by the COLAS-CISCO INDIGO-TRANSDEV group and ISSY-MEDIA, was to deploy solutions linking up existing infrastructures (car parks, roads, pavements) with technical innovations (road sensors, autonomous vehicles) and new information and communication technologies to improve user mobility during the Grand Paris project period.

Détails du projet

  • Client : Société du Grand Paris
  • Année : 2017
  • Nombre de places connectées : 75
  • Technologie : Image-analysis sensor


Project : Connected private car park 
  • 1 multimodal journey calculation mobile app
  • 6 integrated transport methods : bicycle, car, tram, autonomous shuttle and pedestrian
  • 1 integrated underground car park with 220 spaces
  • 75 connected spaces with ground sensors integrated in the app
The main objectives are :
  • To make users’ daily journey easier by providing information about available transport solutions and suggesting alternative journeys to their usual route
  • To optimise their journey prior to arriving at the station and notably the “initial miles” from their home to the station
  • To influence user behaviour by recommending environmentally-friendly journeys
  • Generally to confirm the ability to deploy digital solutions to reduce disturbances caused by works carried out as part of the Grand Paris project and bringing together various players
  • To monitor car park use and the modal shift caused by ParkingMap and Google Analytics reporting applications
  • To demonstrate the working group’s ability to lead a joint project