The city of Soissons was looking to revitalise its town centre shopping area. ParkingMap installed sensors to map the town centre parking offer in real time. Web and mobile applications have been set up to analyse and monitor parking spaces : PM View, PM Report for managers and the ParkingMap mobile app for users.

Détails du projet

  • Client : Soissons city
  • Année : 2018
  • Nombre de places connectées : 17
  • Technologie : Image-analysis sensor


Project : Connected town centre
  • 17 connected spaces
  • 6 trained personnel (traffic wardens + municipal police)
The main objectives are :
  • To improve access to shops in the city centre
  • To maximise vehicle rotation
  • To avoid traffic jams due to traffic looking for a space
  • To improve detection of vehicles committing parking offences