Most local authorities have a real problem with parking, creating significant challenges : keeping traffic moving, optimising driving time, improving parking strategy, controlling fraud. ParkingMap supported the town of Trevoux with its connected town centre project. Guidance towards available spaces, parking overstay supervision application, car park use measurement and analysis indicators, mobile app for users... This project provided the town of Trevoux with a new approach for access to the town centre and regulation.

Détails du projet

  • Client : Trevoux city
  • Année : 2013
  • Nombre de places connectées : 180
  • Technologie : Magnetic sensor


Project : connected town centre
  • 180 connected town centre spaces spread over 4 car parks
  • 3 information displays in the town
  • 3 trained local personnel
The main objectives are :
  • To revitalise and reduce town centre congestion
  • To improve monitoring of cars exceeding their parking time