Image-analysis sensor

ParkingMap uses image-analysis technology to connect several parking spaces at the same time. Whether on the street or in outdoor car parks, the video sensor is positioned up high on street lighting or building frontages.

Multi-space detection

Depending on its height, a sensor can map between 10 and 50 spaces. Via an embedded image processing algorithm, it can work outdoors, day and night, and in bad weather. No image is stored and data is anonymous.


A single sensor for multiple spaces


Accuracy rate greater than 98%

Easy to install

High on street lighting or building frontages


Flow counting about entry and exit of the car park, video surveillance, alerts, vehicle segmentation…

Discreet and secure

No ground-level infrastructure


Lasts for over 10 years

Magnetic sensor

ParkingMap uses magnetic technology to connect each parking space on the street and in outdoor car parks. The sensor detects a variation in the magnetic field when a vehicle parks below.

Single parking space

Whether fastened or embedded, sensors can be deployed in place with very little civil engineering and no power supply. Connected to a low-speed local radio network or with Sigfox, Lora, etc.

Protection label IP 67

Lifetime 5-10 years

Reliability 97%